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The Wright Life Learning Lab is where you can get your entire life when it comes to building your business and raising your family!! I am sooo excited you're here to take the first step. 

Coaching sessions are conducted in person in Columbus, Ohio or via Zoom. 

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Our Baby Bottles & Business Life Masterclass is designed for established business owners who are struggling with raising a family while building their business. 

Over the course of 12 weeks we will go into depth exercises that get you to results. 


  • 90 Minutes/90 Days Approach

  • Workbook with Daily Exercises 

  • Marketing Campaign 

  • Build a Solid Team 

  • Content Creation & Scheduling 

  • Email Marketing 

  • Lead Magnets 

  • Creating a Successful Family Routine 

  • Creating a Distraction Free Zone 


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Are you struggling with where your business is actually going or ponding what to do next to reach success? Then this course is for you. It doesn't matter if your just starting your business or been established for a few years this course will get you in the right direction to build a successful six figure business. 


  • Building a Successful Business Model 

  • Creating your Brand Board 

  • Creating Your Brands Identify; Mission, Bio, Tagline & Logo. 

  • Conducting Market Research 

  • Putting in place your Business Systems; Financial, Time & Project Management. 

  • Executing a Marketing Campaign 

  • Creating a Successful Business Model

  • Email Marketing 

  • Submitting a Press Release & Article 

  • Creating Content & Scheduling 

NEXT CLASS BEGINS August 8, 2022

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One on One Coaching 

The official "Pick Trish's Brain" session. 

Designed for those who need a more personalized approach to their business and/or  family goals. 

Four years ago, I had just got married and had a baby; Chosen. Who was born nine weeks early and needed to spent twenty three days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) my entire world had completely changed.


I was now balancing a baby in the NICU, breastfeeding and running a business.


I was all over the place with balance nowhere in sight!!

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I am Trish Wright founder of The Wright Life (formly Divas in Business)  

My entrepreneur journey began 13 years ago founding Celebrity Style Events which is now a large scale event production company that has been published and operating in two states. To date, my events produced have been attended by over 30,000 people.

Since beginning my entrepreneurship, I have founded several businesses including; The Wright Life, Chosen 2B Epic, Taste of Kingston, and Wrights Way Foundation.

My businesses have taken me to a six figure earning status and it was done all by....


  1. Believing in myself

  2. Having faith not fear

  3. Making bottles and changing diapers 

  4. Being a loving wife

  5. Going into my office daily 

  6. Setting daily goals 

  7. Setting a Five Year Plan 

  8. Visualizing my goals 

  9. Believing in solutions, not problems

I want to show you that as long as you do the work you can do it too!! So, now it's your turn to get your life....

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