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“Guests were greeted with our company logo on large screens, great lounge chairs, stylish chairs and acrylic podium. Prepare to wow your guests.” Trish Wright Owner Celebrity Style Events Columbus, OH


I can’t recall how I ran across the Divas in Business Entrepreneur Expo, but somehow I found myself on their Facebook Page. Something told me to set my notifications to get alerts regarding the event. When Founder, Trish Drake, announced that she was looking for bloggers, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. The conference was held in Las Vegas, one of my favorite places. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Expo, but I was excited to go....


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of covering the 3rd Annual Divas in Business Entrepreneur Expo held in Las Vegas, NV and it was nothing short of amazing. The speaker line up was dope, the marketing for the event was on point, and it was apparent that the founder Trish Drake had put in overtime to make this event happen. With all that being said it was still my first time attending an Entrepreneur Expo, so I was a little nervous. It might not seem like it, but I am an introvert at heart. I always have to pump myself up when it is time to mingle and be around people that I don’t know......


The Divas in Business Expo was a treat for women who currently own a business, looking to start a business, or in positions of leaderships in their current position. Trish Drake put together a great event that showcased women from different backgrounds each with a story of success to share which motivated and encouraged the audience not just in their professional lives, but their personal ones as well. It was great to see women such as Aisha Curry, Jewell Tankard, Quiana Futrell, Andrea Eppolito and Staci McIntosh, provide insight, tools, and words of encouragement that could be used to take a small and up and coming business to the next level......

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