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How to Create Daily Self-care Rituals and Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Minfuel In Motion
Image courtesy Leticia Apablaza

Self-care is a common buzzword these days. It's an idea that's been in the cultural zeitgeist for a while. But it seems like it's only gotten popular. Maybe this is because we are always looking for a way to feel better about ourselves and our lives. The thing is, self-care shouldn't be an idea that you buy into. It should be something you practice.

The Wright Life Blog had a sit down with Leticia Apablaza, the owner of Mindfuel In Motion and co-founder of Live to Give Group. Leticia talks about how Mindfuel in Motion exists to guide individuals to create daily self-care rituals and strengthen their mental fitness to live a sustainable healthy and purposeful lifestyle.

What's the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

I've had collaborations with other businesses, which has enabled my growth. For example, Mindfuel In Motion has guided and helped others to see how they can live an authentic, holistic, well-balanced lifestyle full of passion and purpose. Most of us sit back and listen to others tell us how we should live life or run our businesses. But that shouldn't be the way. Instead, we should be proactive towards fulfilling our purpose and leading a life full of so much love and joy.

How did you get into partnering with other businesses to help people and communities?

Live to Give Group is the business I've had for the last six years; I started with my partner and now husband. My husband and I came from different backgrounds in what we did individually. He worked with nonprofits, and I worked in radio media.

We both had a similar passion for wanting to connect with the community and give back to our community. We decided we wanted to start a business that helped nonprofits get their message out there and work cohesively with for-profits to connect with the community they are both in.

We have been able to fuse them to work together, do great things in the community, have entertaining campaigns, and both received a win-win. The things we have been able to do with that business by bringing together collaborations so well that I took that same type of mentality to my newer business, Mindfuel In Motion.

After doing so, I realized that it's essential to collaborate with others, especially other companies, local businesses, or small businesses, uplift each other, and help each other. I believe we cannot do this work alone. That has been very successful for me in this new venture and also successful with my collaborators.

They are getting in front of my audience, and I'm getting in front of their audience. Everyone has the opportunity to learn about new things and new businesses they may not have experienced before with their clientele. So it has been gratifying in many ways.

Do you have a family? Do you have children?

I do not yet. I very recently got married to my partner.

What's your day like?

Great question. One of the things that I'm passionate about sharing is morning rituals. I have had morning rituals for the last six-plus years. My morning rituals can be an hour to 4 hours.

I always begin with meditation. Then I continue with a cup of coffee and my journaling and then add some movement, which could be stretching, lifting weights, or cardio, depending on how I'm feeling. Next, I have breakfast then I ease myself into that day's tasks and meetings.

Throughout the day, I make sure to take breaks, which could be to go for a walk, read, and eat lunch away from a screen and my to-do list. Finally, I have some time to unwind and have dinner with my husband. Unwinding for myself and spending time with my loved ones is important.

What sets you apart from other businesses?

I don't want to compare myself with other businesses, especially small businesses. We all do things differently, and if I could say about businesses especially cooperate businesses, I've created with my business as part of my services is MindFuel Breaks.

What I am doing more and more is helping other businesses to bring in the practice of taking a break throughout the day, and I think that might be something that sets me apart. So many of us believe that if we are in that work mode, we have to stay in that work mode without taking time for self-care; we should know that it's ok to step away from our tasks and do other things we enjoy.

So taking the time to step away is the biggest thing I would say that I do that sets me apart from other businesses.

Who inspires you in your field?

In my first business Live to Give Group, I do PR while my husband handles the website messaging and creating. There's a particular lady named Ruth Freeman here in Vegas, she is someone I met just a few years ago, and she's been doing PR for so many years now. She is so connected to our community, especially when it comes to media. She's always happy to help people get exposure for their new businesses or ideas.

What keeps you going daily?

The messages I receive from people that have attended my workshops on how they appreciate my guidance. And also, when I have meetings with people, and they say you are on the right track, keep going - what you are doing is needed. It happens at least weekly; that's what keeps me going.

What is the last thing that you love about your business?

For MindFuel In Motion, my favorite thing is the workshops. I love leading journalling activities, and experiencing how people open up and share reminds us that we are connected and how we are all one. The sharing of ideas, experiences, etc., is beautiful and is my favorite thing about my business - MIndFuel In Motion.

What tools are you using to make work easier in your business?

Honeybook to write proposals, send out invoices, scheduling events. I have also been using Canva for about 5 to 7 years. It has become so much fun and easier to use during this period. So Canva is a huge one for me. I also use Wave for invoicing and filing taxes. I also use PLANN to help with social media scheduling. Finally, I use Trello to plan all my content, workshops, and overall organization.

How have you handled setbacks in the past when it came to your business?

When setbacks come, I've learned to ask myself what I am supposed to learn from the setback, and I have learned to step back and take a break for a few hours, a day, or even a week if time allows for it. By taking a few days, I can evaluate why and how the setback is happening and what it is teaching me. It's hard to enjoy something challenging, but I have learned to do that more and more.

What can you tell people who are planning to get into businesses similar to yours?

They should first establish their WHY! Why is this business important to them, and how can they bring something different. They should also collaborate with other businesses and ask for help right away. People do want to help you.

They don't know whether you need the help if you don't ask for it. And continue learning about your business even though you are already good at it. Still, be a student - read books or watch videos and tutorials on ways to improve yourself and your business.

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