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Intel Sinks $20B into Ohio Semiconductor Plant

Governor Dewine and the CEO of Intel Innovation spoke live from the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio last week about Intel Ohio. Intel invested $20B into a Jersey Township development in New Albany, Ohio. This influx of cash will greatly assist the state of Ohio and the surrounding areas by which the semiconductor plant will exist.

First things first, let us take a moment to appreciate the magnitude of this development. This is a once-in-a-generation type maneuever and will ensure that Ohio becomes the Silicon Valley of the Midwest. Not only that, but it will solidify America’s semiconductor manufacturing as 70% of semiconductors are produced in China.

Let’s navigate around what types of jobs and products will emerge from this incredibly lucrative development.

This will likely create a surplus of 3,000 high tech jobs in the area for factory workers, welders, engineers and people who are technically sound in mind and body.

The facility will inhabit 926 acres in Licking County and will put forth another 7,000 jobs for construction workers. Not to mention, the additional thousands of jobs that will land on the desk of support agents such as contractors, suppliers and consultants. This means business is boomin!

The types of products that will arrive from this factory are microchips which are pivotal to the car, plane and train industries. These semiconductors a.k.a microchips will serve vital purposes for smartphones, medical equipment and military defense systems.

“Intel’s actions will help build a more resilient supply chain and ensure reliable access to advanced semiconductors for years to come. Intel is bringing leading capability and capacity back to the United States to strengthen the global semiconductor industry. These factories will create a new epicenter for advanced chipmaking in the U.S. that will bolster Intel’s domestic lab-to-fab pipeline and strengthen Ohio’s leadership in research and high tech.”

This development means the world for the Midwest and goes to show why America is a superpower worthy of world-changing opportunities.


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