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Mom Boss Brands To Watch

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Moms are the ultimate trendsetters, and as such, they're also leading trailblazers in the world of baby products. The emergence of mom brands has helped mothers get a hold of healthy baby products easily. From natural alternatives to conventional baby wipes to baby toys that are not only functional but fun, moms have been at the center of the latest product trends.

Becoming a mom can be a huge career change. Many women who have made this transition have found themselves in need of reliable and efficient ways to take care of their routines.

With changing, routines come the need for new products and services, which is where mom brands come in. At a time when most mums are juggling work and family life, there's no better time for them to invest in mom brands that offer quality resources for their children.

The following boss mom brands prove that moms can successfully run a business and take care of their families.

Happy Mango

Phnewfula Newfala owns the Atlanta-based store. Apart from running her business, she is a mom dedicated to fighting against racial and social injustices. Happy mango is an eco-friendly store that deals with all things pregnancy and beyond. They aim to show moms that going green is affordable and stylish.

Newfala created the brand to welcome all levels of healthy and green products under one roof. It also aims to alienate the notion that all green products for both mother and kids are a headache to find.

Ojai Lingerie

In her website, the owner Malory Taylor states that she struggled with her body during her pregnancy. But after she gave birth, her thinking changed. She realized that everything she felt was not because of her body size, but a lack of self-love caused it.

She says that pregnancy altered everything about her, from the texture of her hair to the stretch marks in her body. She, therefore, founded Ojai Lingerie, which makes beautiful, sexy lingerie for all body types and perhaps one of the world's softest robes. The brand, in her words, thrives in making women feel good, and it helps kids grow in environments surrounded by confident women.

Partake Foods

The company was founded in 2016 by Denise Wood after her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Partake Foods offers delicious allergy-free foods that can be consumed by those who have and don't have food restrictions. Black children are at a higher risk of developing allergies.

Partake partners with organizations like; No Kid Hungry to give out safe foods into the hands of insecure families. Denise is passionate about raising awareness of black entrepreneurship and increasing opportunities for minorities.


Chosen 2 BEpic is a brand with a collection of carefully crafted baby feeding tableware approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also 100% non-toxic plastic, dishwasher, and microwave friendly. The dishwares have sections that are necessary for sensory inputs.

The founder -Trish Wright wanted to make it easy for mothers whenever the kids started throwing tantrums. So, she made plates that have a good grip and will give you a chance to catch them when babies decide to send them flying. For the picky eaters, the silicone bib, which has a deep pocket, is a favorite of many moms. It lessens the task of cleaning up after a meal as this is a very hectic chore for mums after each meal. In general, the Chosen2BEpic set is excellent for all stages, from first feeders to preschoolers'.

Coco'Pie Clothing

Coco' pie clothing aims to show young black girls their awesomeness through images representing the Black culture. No matter how they wear their hair, they should understand that their hair is their crown. It is a way of celebrating what it is to be black and beautiful.

Customers shop with them because they enjoy seeing the positivity and self-love their children acquire while adorning these fantastic shirts. We love to see confident babies and these clothes are a great way of raising them.

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