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Mompha Junior: Inside the Luxurious Life of World’s Youngest Billionaire

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

At nine years old, Mompha Junior owns various glamorous sports cars and a mansion. His father, a Nigerian internet celebrity, gifted him all these goodies.

The world’s youngest billionaire boasts 25,700 Instagram followers where he keeps his fans up to date with his lavish lifestyle.

Dreams are Valid

From posing for photos on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur to standing in front of a red Lamborghini Aventador, Mompha always adorns designer attires from head to toe-including renowned brands such as Gucci and Versace.

Mompha Junior leads a jest set life, and he owns his first mansion at six years. The adorable lad often travels alongside his celebrity father, Ismailia Mustapha, also known as Mompha Senior, who purchased all properties for the 9-year-old.

According to the CEO of Lagos Bureau De Change, the young boy’s net worth is estimated at $15 million, so it’s not clear how he’s a billionaire.

Daddy’s Little Champ

While showing off some of his high-end collection of sports cars, some of his Instagram captions read, “Happy birthday to me, and thanks, daddy.”

Mompha’s collections of luxurious cars also include a yellow Ferrari, which is parked outside an opulent home in Dubai.

The youngster seems to get his taste for great things from his father, Mompha, renowned for his affluent lifestyle.

Sharing photos of his luxurious life to his 1.1 million fans on Instagram, Mompha senior spends his time between his homes in UAE and Lagos, Nigeria.

More photos on his Instagram show him posing with designer shopping bags, showing off banknotes, and even taking snaps with tigers and lions at a Safari park on the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

When the doting father bought his son the first mansion during his sixth birthday, he wrote, “Owning your home is one of the best feelings ever. It can’t be described in words; it can’t be quantified in money.”

He further praised his young son on Instagram, saying, “The youngest landlord who wears Gucci and still owns a house. He deserves some accolades because he has paid his dues in full.”

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