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SKN BY LH: Lori Harvey's Skin Care

Apart from dating the world's dubbed sexiest man alive and being the daughter of the famous TV host and comedian Steve Harvey. There's more to Lori Harvey.

On October 22nd, 2021, Lori Harvey launched her skincare product that caters to all skin types. Lori states that she admired her mother's glow growing up and was obsessed with recreating it. Following her not-so-great experience with struggling with rosacea, a skin condition, Lori learned a lot about the dos and don'ts of skincare.

In an interview with Elle, she stated that she had to go through 20 types of products at one point, which to her was tedious and overwhelming. "I knew that there was a simpler solution, and that's where my research for better, simpler products began." She told Elle.

Prevention is better than cure

The beauty entrepreneur says that the main ingredients in her products are niacinamide, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid, which have major benefits to the skin. She further says that her mother encouraged her that prevention was better than cure at an early age.

As a result, she was prompted to invent top-tier products that help hyperpigmentation, boost hydration, and improve skin textures. Products harmful to the skin, like silicones and paraben, were purposefully left out.

Skin experts created each product in the five-step system with face-friendly ingredients that are not harsh to the skin and hydrate it without stripping it of essential oils.

All-inclusive brand

Image courtesy Essence Magazine

Sknbylh is also a very inclusive brand that caters to sensitive skin. It's not only tethered for women, but men too can enjoy this product. Lori detests dry skin and deems her favorite product, the cleanser because it gets the work done internally and externally. She then adds that applying the cleanser in a circular motion unclogs the pores and removes any impurities.

The model turned beauty entrepreneur worked tirelessly with expert chemists, estheticians, and dermatologists to develop a vegan, cruelty-free, and clean skincare product for three years. She further states that the texture of her skin is more even, and she has a glow to her. The consistency causes this and the routine her skin is on.

If you want to know how legit her products are, you don't have to look further because her boyfriend and father use the same products, and it's safe to say that their youthful glow is unmatched!

"He always tells me when he's on set lately; the makeup artist always commends his skin."

She says that her skincare journey has influenced all the men in her life.

The 5 step system is developed to help you manifest a skin you'll love. It was so successful when she launched it on the 22nd.

She took to her social platform to announce how happy she was that her products were received well and to thank her fans for believing in her. While this is her first solo project, she continues to say that this is not the last we'll hear of Sknbylh. Word on the street is that she's delving into other products like face masks and lotions, and we're here to see it.

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