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Smash Your Relationship Goals With Yoni's Intimacy

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Women go through so many things that sometimes getting the satisfaction they need isn't easy. But there is a way! The answer lies in learning how to make romance a part of your life and appreciating the importance of intimacy.

Every woman should have a few favorite pieces that make her feel sexy: a lacy bra and panty set, a silk nightgown, or a garter belt with stockings. Women should always have something in their lingerie drawer that makes them feel ready for romance.

TWL had the pleasure to interview Jasmine - the founder of Yonis Intimacy. Read to find out what she says about feeling sexy and intimate.

Jasmine, what's the inspiration behind your lingerie business?

From a young age, I've been curious about all things related to love, romance, and all things sexy. Growing up in New York City (NYC), I was forced to learn quickly and fast. I would often watch shows like Soul Food and GirlFriends, imagining what life would be like when I was finally "grown" and doing the things I saw grown people doing.

I could go on and on sharing stories about my upbringing & how it shapes my business today, but the fundamental basis behind creating my business was the yearning desire to have a place where myself & friends could shop for all the things we consider to be intimate while feeling safe, and free to ask questions, discovering new things to experience with ourselves & our partners.

Working at places like Victoria's Secret and having my own passion parties business as an independent consultant, I quickly realized the market was missing a place like Yoni's Intimacy, and who other than me to create such a place.

I am a girl who understands what it means to be a Lady in the Streets but a freak in bed. Do you know what I'm talking about? I created my business for every girl who loves to have fun and feel sexy and understands that sex isn't the only part of getting intimate.

You talk about intimacy like never before on your blog. How did you get into that?

"Intimacy Like Never Before" is a saying I've created to get people to look deeper into what it truly means to be intimate. Again growing up in the inner city of New York, I realized many people use the word intimacy very loosely.

Just as the word love can mean many different things depending on who is using it and their understanding and perception of what they believe it to be. So basically, "intimacy on a new level" is simply breaking out of the old way of seeing intimacy as simply just having sex & getting somebody in your bedroom but more as a self-care routine such as taking a spiritual bath & setting intentions, while journaling, exercising and being one with your body aches.

Talking yourself through pain & hardship, those moments of getting out of the shower, lathering in body butter & spray on your most sexy fragrance. Slipping on that sexy dress & opening up to your partner over a candlelight dinner, asking those hard, uncomfortable questions, being open & listening to your partner's needs, taking that time to do breathwork, sensual massage, laying, holding & lightly touching each other's skin.

Intimacy is so many things, and I want everyone I can reach to understand intimacy starts from within the word itself says "In Ti Ma CY" _into me see_. When we learn to look within ourselves to understand our personal needs, how to express our needs & verbalize our desires is when we get to experience new levels of intimacy, we've gotten deeper with ourselves, and we can get deeper with those around us. You can only go as deep as you & others allow you to.

What's your day like?

My day is very unpredictable. I am a solo entrepreneur, and I am faced with new things and challenges every day. Mainly I am at my Shop fixing the shelves, going through inventory, and working with clients.

Outside of work, I am a dog mom & I spend most of my spare time with her. When not resting and running after my dog Bella, I'm looking for fun things to do to create content for my brand.

I've recently stepped away from being in a relationship. I'm taking some time to understand myself, unlearning some things from my childhood that aren't serving me, and rebuilding myself into a new and improved woman I know my future partner will deserve.

What sets you apart from other businesses?

Yoni's Intimacy stands out from other brands who may appear to do what we do by really getting to know our customers. We don't look at our customers as customers but rather clients. Our clients can ask questions, share their experiences, laugh, joke, and suggest things they want and need.

We carry an array of products that encourage women and men to want to go that extra mile to enjoy pleasure, look and feel good & spend more time enjoying intimacy on whole new levels.

What keeps you going?

What keeps me going is the understanding that no one cares. If you're not doing something, going somewhere, or knowing somebody, most people in this day and time could care less what you're going through or getting through.

Knowing that no matter what I'm doing, the world will keep going, and it's up to me to live the way I dream to live, I get up every day, push through whatever I'm going through, and tell myself if not me someone else will.

I refuse to live and work and struggle when other people live their dreams. I don't know what they do, but I know everything I've put my mind to, I've achieved. Giving up is never an option, maybe start over but give up. We don't understand that saying.

What is the one thing you love about your businesses?

The one thing I love about my business is how my clients light up when they see something exciting, try something new, & make a purchase to enjoy. It makes me feel as if I'm serving a bigger purpose than just selling someone a product. I'm helping build & reassure confidence, bringing couples closer together & helping singles tap into their best selves.

Are there any business tools that you're using?

I'm, not 100% sure what you'll consider as tools, but God is my number one tool in business, next to those who show up and support me. I use Shopify as my online platform. I'm a part of networking groups, and youtube university is always an amazing place to be. Lots of massages, affirmations, and good conversations are all the things I use as tools to help me keep going in business.

How have you handled setbacks in the past?

Whenever I'm faced with a setback or hardship, I pray often. I pray during the good and bad times, but I get deeper in prayer when I need understanding on something I see as a setback. I take a lot of baths as water seems to help me think clearer.

I write everything down, and I write, and I write some more until I come up with ideas and plans that help me shake out of whatever I'm facing, and last but not least, I talk to people about what I'm going through. I don't share with everyone, but I talk to those I feel will give me raw and unfiltered advice because no one needs to hear fluff when things are rough.

I keep on going, finding a way and or making one while trusting God, having faith and not falling into the temptations of doing things my way but trusting in what in my mind and my heart together tells me is right.

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