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Top Festivals to Attend in 2022

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The world continues to turn as we know it and sometimes the best way to enjoy life is at a festival! With that, let’s turn our attention to the top festivals to attend in 2022.

Columbus Food and Wine Festival - this year’s event is sure to provide all the vibes. It will parlay off of last years live performances, authentic food vendors and chef exhibitions in an exquisite manner. Be sure to tune in this year because the food will be tastier, the wine will be crispier and the vibes will continue to impress.

Caribbean Festival - for all of your island vibes, come on down to the Caribbean festival. There will be booming bass, incredible showgirls and a whole lot of energy. Certainly, this festival will put you in a great frame of mind and provide quite the escape for all attendees.

Governors Ball - Have a ball why don’t ya? All ballers who have been to one of these festivals before know that is not for the weak hearted. Often times, attendees get rowdy and the energy gets rather rambunctious. Seasoned veterans know that NY venues typically throw the livest events and this year it is no different. At Citi Field where the Mets play Kid Cudi, Migos and J.Cole will perform while Shaquille O’Neal will have a DJ set! Talk about a range of talent!

Lollapalooza - Many people began to place the cancel card atop DaBaby after his comments at Rolling Loud. Fortunately, real ones could never be held back and DaBaby will join Roddy Ricch, Tyler the Creator, Miley Cyrus and seemingly hundreds more for this 3 day affair. A sleeper to take note of on this ticket is the British artist - Slowthai. His rebellious rhetorical rhymes take aim at the British government and encourage rampageous moshing at his sets. Anyone who attends this festival in Chicago will walk away with memorable moments sure to transcend the tales of time.

Bonnaroo - After the past two years were cancelled (Covid & flooding) here’s to hoping the third time will be the charm! Catch J.Cole, 21 Savage, Ludacris & more at this Tennessee excursion! What makes this lineup so appealing is the varying blend of dubstep, country, rock and rap. The stages will be bigger and the activities will be more complex. The Plazas are campground hubs where shade, convenient lounges and curated activities can all be found. Also, the JamTrak will provide free transportation to and from the campgrounds into the event!

When We Were Young Festival - this festival has been getting a lot of attention due to its stacked lineup. We are cautiously optimistic about it though, as there is a no refund policy and a $20 non-refundable deposit. Also, the festival is scheduled to go 12 hours with 65 bands and 3 stages. That gives each band roughly 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to play. This begs the question - will this be the next Fyre Festival dilemma?

Community Festival - although catching Covid-19 outdoors is highly unlikely ComFest was cancelled last year. It looks like the city of Columbus will decide to reinstate this three day festival again this summer. Community Festival exhibits the most exotic company whether it be shoeless hippies, topless women or people carrying snakes around their neck. More times than not, this festival promotes positivity, equality and social awareness through street vendors and live performances. Make sure to check in around the third week of June to see if ComFest is a go!

Fort Laramie Festival - for all country bumpkins this concert will be one for the ages. With quite the stacked lineup and an incredibly affordable buy-in this looks like a win-win. You can bring your plaid sweaters, beer cans, boots and campers for this three day affair. Sure to have a rip-roaring rollicking ole time this country event is great for premiere music, camping and fun-loving people.

Hangout Music Festival - Vacation is all you ever wanted! This festival serves as the ultimate destination concertgoing experience. With spectacular artists on the ticket like Doja Cat, Jack Harlow and Post Malone you are sure to receive all the vibes you could ever want. Also, this festival is on the beach with hammocks, volleyball, pools and roller rinks! Sign me up!


Without a doubt, entertainment will always prevail. For all the mundanity and insanity in our world, festivals are here to ensure our enjoyment. We hope you enjoyed this article and will continue to tune in for future developments!

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