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Top Mommy & Family Events

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Parenthood and motherhood are two of the most amazing things you will ever experience. However, it doesn't come without some obstacles here and there. It's something that requires a lot of insight.

That's why it's important to be plugged into the right resources so you can share your journey with other mothers who have been there and are still going through it as well.

If you are a mother looking for platforms that offer parenting and motherhood options? Well, look no further.

These mommy events are organized explicitly for new and pregnant mothers. You can socialize and get to learn about products that are healthy for your newborn. These family events extend to thousands of women because they are mobile and easily accessible.

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever

Are you a city mom looking to connect with parents in your area? You can't afford to miss this auspicious event. The Biggest Baby Shower Ever event features over 100 baby companies that offer testing and discovery of new products. Hundreds of new and expectant mothers celebrate motherhood during this event.

Hollywood moms like Giuliani Rancic and Beverly Michelle have also been in attendance. It also features pampering services, snacks, and even mocktails.

In addition, guests get to walk away from the events with samples like baby formula, bottles, and wipes. The good thing about the event is that it's held in different cities every year, so mothers interested get a chance to attend.

Prego Expo

In these events, mothers talk to experts about parenting techniques and personal health. Moms check out current products for maternity and newborns—everything ranging from strollers and car seats and new product launches.

Attending mothers also can participate in educational seminars held by the leading industry experts. Mothers get the chance to walk away with the top-of-the-line baby gear, including strollers, car seats, and baby carriers.

Mom, Baby, And Toddler Expo

Mom, baby, and toddler expo is a family-friendly environment displaying innovative products and services to new parents, pregnant women, grandparents, and dads of toddlers.

Mothers also connect with companies and services directed to women, newborns and toddlers. The expo aims to bring excitement just a little bit close to home.

Baby Palooza

The baby palooza is a community built around virtual and in-person baby expos. The event helps mothers prepare for all things baby and beyond. Mothers become members once they have registered.

Because becoming a parent is scary, the event helps remove the fear of the unknown and connect mothers with information and resources they can trust. Mothers also meet with top baby brand reps as they demonstrate the latest baby gear.

Baby palooza equips new and expectant mothers for motherhood through online pregnancy classes, live baby expos, and virtual baby expos.

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