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Top NEW Restaurants in Central Ohio

The Columbus, Ohio area exists as a place where fusions of different individuals thrive. Some people travel from out of town and some set up shop in affluent areas that carry high magnitudes of influence.

Back in the 90’s New York rapper Cam’ron used to run Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Wu-Tang used to write songs on Tappan Lake in Steubenville, Ohio.

Moral of the story is: the place that you are operating within only has so much to do with the outcome of a situation. More times than not, your habits and decisions will play a larger role to ensure financial security than the geographic region.

For instance, smart decisions revolve around location. The physical spot within surrounding areas may determine value as well as the quality of the product. Those two attributes will never be overlooked.

Cam’ron and Dipset would often visit Columbus because their artist Chubbie Baby ran a club called Red Zone. This used to be one of the better high clientele attractions within the city.

Let’s take a look at the newest 2022 developments to come in the Central Ohio area.

Parlay - with 9,000 sq ft. 100+ televisions and ample amounts of space this bar&restaurant offers fine dining, drinks and a game room suite complete with skee ball, giant jenga and connect four. This place is on the corner of N.High & Goodale St. in the direct vicinity of the Convention Center.

This offering represents the future of restaurant hospitality in the sense that it provides exclusive individualized experiences where parties can spend quality time with people they can know and trust to be healthy. The private rooms have their own video boards, controls, and you can choose between elevated man cave seating and sky lodge seating.

Hiro Ramen - who doesn’t love some top ramen to warm their winter belly? Hiro Ramen and Norman Ai are bringing hot top-notch ramen to 4800 Sawmill Road in March. The family has been operating restaurants for 25 years and plan to include many options on their menu such as curry ramen. This development is so advanced that the restaurant will even feature robot automaton servers and a fully-automated drive through.

Myungrang Hotdog - Get ready for Korean corn dogs! The exterior shells are crispy and the inner workings are full of flavor! This restaurant is set to open in the Short North with several varieties of cheese and potatoes to encapsulate the Korean rice flour corn dog.

Lenny’s Chicken Fingers - much like a Raising Canes or Chick-Fil-A Lenny’s will make its way to Columbus from Cleveland. They plan to inhabit a former Jolly Pirate Donuts on W. Broad St with finger-lickin chicken. They have a very short, sweet and to the point menu with mac and cheese and dessert options. We can’t wait to dive in!

Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse - on 3600 Morse Road this prime location for prime ribeye lands right near Easton Town Center. Complete with soft mood lighting, fireplaces and private boardrooms this restaurant hosts elite company. This restaurant is reminiscent of 1940’s supper clubs where people would gather and experience fine cuisine in classy settings.


Whether you’re cooking or just want to grab a bite, Columbus has you covered! We hope you enjoy!

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