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Our Mission 

The mission of the Columbus Caribbean Festival is to bring the culture and heritage of the Caribbean islands to Central Ohio.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to bring the community together to celebrate the culture of the Caribbean islands over music, food and traditional caribbean activities. 

Our Impact

Our core values are; 

1. Culture 

2. Tradition 

3. Celebration 

These values are our guiding principles to ensuring we have a positive impact on our community. 

Founded in 2017, by Celebrity Style Events and Abba Music Group, the Columbus Caribbean Festival will bring together thousands from across the Midwest to celebrate over this one day festival with live music, Caribbean food vendors and contests.

The Caribbean islands are top vacation destinations for millions of tourists each year. Boosting the beautiful tranquility of the islands, delicious cuisine and the mesmerizing music.

We welcome all Caribbean people and lovers of Caribbean culture to join us for two days of celebration. 

One Love!!

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